How Much Does Installing New A/C Costs? 

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In several parts of the United States, an air conditioner is not a mere luxury, but a need most especially when summer months come. Newer central A/C units are more powerful, quieter and more energy efficient compared to the earlier models. They can also offer a greater value through aiding to lower the energy bills every month. 

 New AC Costs

However, in every step up, the cooling ladder goes with a proportionate cost. If you are interested in an A/C installation in Spring Hill Florida, you should know how much does a central air conditioning system cost. 

  1. Decide on having an ideal size of an air conditioner,Determining what size you will need is the first step to get a new air conditioner unit. You do not want a unit that has no sufficient power to cool your home. On the other hand, having a large A/C could be less comfortable and more expensive. A/C units are usually measured in tons that indicate the amount of heat they can take away in a span of one hour. For instance, a one-ton unit can get rid of 12,000 British thermal units. Meanwhile, a three-ton system can remove 36,000. The larger your house could be, requires you a more cooling power. For example, a 1,700 square foot house may be efficiently served by a two and a half ton unit.
  2. Hiring and A/C contractor.The next thing you have to do is to hire an HVAC contractor for your unit. The required level of skill is substantial while it is possible to buy an air conditioner from a wholesaler and then install it on your own. Moreover, you must also be a certified contractual to handle refrigerant. An installation needs new wires that run through your foundation, new breakers in your electrical panel, a new duct that connects to your existing HVAC systems and mounting your unit on a concrete pad or metal brackets. You would want to guarantee that an important task is done well and correctly. Thus, prevent wasting time and ask trustworthy A/C professional for a check-up on your system. For a primary, two-ton model, it is expected that you pay $3000. Moreover, a mid-ranged unit will approximately run for up to $5000, and an A/C that is top-of-the-line can raise up to $10,000.
  3. Earn R-22 and task credits for new A/C units.It is possible to look for tax breaks or rebates from state agencies or federal state to balance the air conditioning cost. Unluckily, credits for federal tax has already expired at the end of 2013 for residential systems that are not part of a new home build and are Energy-Star rated. To check its current tax information, you may look for it on their website.  

If you install a specific system that is high-efficient, the state governments might offer rebates. However, they are sometimes limited in terms of duration. Thus, it is guaranteed that it is really worth it if you check around before hiring a professional air conditioning contractor or company.  

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